Delicious and Tasty Eggless Omelette| Healthy Breakfast| Vegetarian meal


Omelette sans œuf| Eggless omelette| Healthy Breakfast | Vegetarian Meal
Are you allergic to eggs, are you a vegetarian or are you just one of those people who don’t like eggs?
Don’t worry, here’s a delicious and tasty eggless omelet recipe ideal for a healthy breakfast or a light dinner and you can prepare it with the vegetables you want !!! I hope you like it!
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– Corn meal x 1 cup
– Flour x 1/2 cup
– Baking powder x1 tsp
– Baking soda x 1/2 tsp
– Zucchini x 1/2
– Carrot x 1
– Pepper x 1/2 cup
– Onion x 1/4 cup
– Spinach x 1 cup
– Sweet corn x 1/4 cup
– Fresh chives x 1 tbsp
– Salt
– Water x 1 cup
– Olive oil
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