Bottle Gourd Subzi (Mama's Lauki Subzi) | Show Me The Curry Vegetarian Recipes


This is an everyday dish made mostly at home. Simple, yet delicious! Bottle Gourd or lauki is a light vegetable, easy to make and easy on the stomach. It is low in calories and fat and with the water-content being so high, it’s perfect for toddlers and people under the weather.
Detailed Recipe:
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  1. Indian women are so lovely. Both ladies smart, kind demeanor exudes sophistication. And then you made that tasty looking dish. More like this on you tube please!

  2. This is create my new idea on recipe. Because did not know how to cook bottle gourd. Now I watch your recipe making video and learnt that. so i will make that the recipe with bottle gourd. And also I #Subscribed your channel for next delicious recipe. Thank You.

  3. I really like your recipes and they turn out good. One suggestion I have – is in the kitchen – we generally tie our hair back while cooking.

  4. I love you guys! You guys are such a great team! God bless you guys! You guys should be on food network rather than some other people on there! Keep cooking!!!

  5. This must be more tastier If u add little bit of coconut cream…It really goes with any long grain rice….and also very good to eat(without coconut cream)with boiled rice if u have stomach problems…Thx vm for posting nice receipes on UTube..

  6. Ladies, gotta say first I'm a fan and have learned a lot from you. I have a different brand of pressure cooker than you use – it doesn't whistle at all. It has low pressure then high (I think 9psi then 15psi). Can you give us a pressure then time equivalent to the whistle?

  7. If it's okay, could you girls start a new segment on SMTC, which is about Everyday Cooking/Family Cooking. Like, food and subzi (including non-veg) recipes which people can cook.

  8. u can easily plant a creeper –anywhere–ur home garden/alley/terrace or balcony
    and enjoy

  9. yum. my mum will cook it almost same …she out onion garlic chilli then she she put it and cover it and let it cook very slowly not in p cooker. its also taste great but I'll try this one. Where are you from girls??

  10. This is a recipe I won't be able to try 🙁
    Here, in Brazil, I've never seen fresh bottle gourd. It is not used in our cousine. However, the dried "bottles" are very common.

  11. small tip; try adding ( peanut plus red chilli ) ground mixture to it just before mashing and garnishing and see for the great results. this you get from "Priya" brand or can be made at home.

  12. I think I'd like to try this, but I'm not a fan of Cilantro at all.. can you suggest a substitute?

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