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Hey loves! I hope you enjoyed this what I eat in a day during the quarantine at home edition! All recipes are vegetarian but can be made vegan very easily – from my foamy oatmeal to my Russian grandmother’s vegetarian borsch (Борщ) recipe!
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✨ FAQ:
– How old are you? 25! I’m born on 10/10, so I am a libra 🙂
– Where do you live? I recently moved to Los Angeles, CA.
– Where are you from? I was born in the Netherlands, but my family is from Russia. I moved to the US a 2,5 years ago, first to Washington DC and now to LA. Dutch is my first language, but I also speak Russian – Привет, мои Русский подписчики! Посмотрите мое русское видео здесь: https://bit.ly/2B5lh3R – and I’ve learned English in high school.
– What did you study? I finished my LL.B. in Dutch Law at the University in Groningen (RUG), the Netherlands. After graduating, I did one year of the Research Master in Law (LL.M.), as well as one year of the B.A. in Philsophy of a Specific Scientific Field at the University of Groningen (RUG). After that, I did the General LL.M. at the George Washington University Law School (GW). I finished my General LL.M. at GW with the focus on Philosophy of Law, First Amendment/Consitutional Law & International Human Rights for Women in 2018.
– What work do you do? I am an online entrepreneur – I am a fulltime social media content creator & have my own stationery brand Supplied by Lily.
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  1. Hey! I love this video and your style, however I’d just like to pop in and let you know that Parmesan isn’t vegetarian! Unfortunately it has animal rennet in it, same with some other cheeses such as Camembert and grana padano. A good alternative would be vegan Parmesan 🙂 I’m not vegan myself but I’m an ethics vegetarian so I just thought I’d let you know xx

  2. I’m living so vivaciously through your videos as I’m watching this from Japan as I live there. It makes me so sad to be reminded of how easy it is to get organic, healthy, vegetarian food in the States, versus how difficult it is here in Japan (I’m from the United Kingdom but it’s easy there too!). It frustrates me that Japan is just not accommodating at all when it comes to food, and especially not accommodating for vegetarians… it’s impossible to make anything unless you want to fry it, and there’s such a lack of variety of tastes here. It seems that people here consider meal without meat as not a true, filling meal. Coconut water or nut milks are just not a thing, vegetables are SO expensive and fruit is even worse! I haven’t eaten fruit in what feels like a millennia … ugh I’m living vicariously through these videos.

  3. During the grocery haul, can’t watch anything but THE DYSON PUT ON THE COUNTER TOP ! This is so so disgusting, wow, this lack of hygiene….

  4. A beautiful video, and with this it is very difficult to provide all our daily needs, especially vitamins and minerals, and this was what I was suffering from, but now the situation has improved, I am taking natural and healthy supplements, and I advise you to this.

  5. Lily, please make sure you disinfect and/or wash your grocery items before putting them away and disinfect all surfaces they've come in contact with. Many people touch them before you take them home. Protect yourself.

  6. Hi, Lily, haven't watched your video for a while and found you moved to a new house again. This is your third house i could remember. Nice video always and where did you get your milk frother?

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