Chef Atul's Rajma Chawal aka Red Kidney Beans Stew & Rice


Its all time favourite among Punjabi families. Its nutritious and a healthy vegan / vegetarian meal.


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  1. Thanks chef for this amazing recipe. I put all masala including onion tomato and whole spice in the boiling water and mashed them all in end. Just put the tadka with oil in the end. Simple fast and easy.

  2. Hi Atul, what is the reason for adding the spice paste (tarka?) at the end, instead of at the same time as the beans, tomato and onions in the pressure cooker?

  3. I was waiting to see more recipes from you. It seems you are posting new videos now.

    Your methods of explanation and cooking are interesting.

    I hope you will post more vegetarian recipes…….

    Your Dal makhani video was the best.

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