I suck at cooking but.. cook with me??


what I eat in a day as a vegetarian always varies, but these nutritional yeast green beans are one of my healthy food staples! I honestly suck at cooking, but you guys seemed to enjoy my last cook with me vlog where I showed how I make my favorite kale salad, so I figured I could show you another quick and easy vegetarian meal idea!
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I suck at cooking but.. cook with me??


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  1. Girl you say you can’t cook but then you pull out these easy and healthy recipes. If you have more please share because I’m tired of living off processed crap during this quarantine.

  2. Are you paying two mortgages right now? Thinking of you and hoping that the market gets better after this!

  3. chole ting has really good workout videos and you don't need any equipment. blogilates also has really good workout videos.

  4. For online workouts I suggest Blogilates, the Youtube channel, because Cassey Ho basically created free workout calendars that you can use. She's also just super sweet and fun to watch so highly suggest!

  5. I offer online "live" classes if you're interested, I can send you the link. I also have free pre-recorded videos on my Youtube @toridimarzofitness

  6. Woooow guys the house is coming up together quickly. Only Sierra, I really think you are not suppose to use metallic items on that pan… In this way you can keep it's integrity for longer. Kisses

  7. Pop Sugar Fitness!!! Their whole YouTube page! But specifically the Barre videos are my FAVORITE and the tabata workouts!

  8. Professional dog handler here! While you were talking about your pups reaction on leash, it actually reinforces her anxiety when you pick her up in uncertain situations. As hard as it may be, when that off leash dog is coming, it's best to ask the other pet parent to back off because your dog is "in training" and unpredictable. Definitely irresponsible on the neighbor dog parents for walking off leash without knowing if aggressive or insecure dogs are in the area. Picking her up when another dog approaches her, tells her "thank you, you're right this is a concern." If you leave her on the ground, and turn to walk away, it will send the message of this is not a concern for you. Be a strong leader for your dogs! Dont give into what you think they want and help them learn to hike and gain confidence to walk near dogs without being reactive. Love watching your content during quarantine.

  9. Im so happy your making so many videos! Thank you for that!! And for workouts, Popsugar is free and has sooo many different and awesome workouts and for yoga Adrienne is good but boho beautiful is amazingggg these are all on YouTube!

  10. I do Chloe Tings Workout program!! It's 100% free, keeps you active, and you can actually get physical results(if you want physical results.) I love her workouts and stretches so much! 100% recommend! (If you wanna go onto the program click onto on of her workout videos, look in the description when you see the program link. Click on the link, click what program you wanna do and get started!) Or you can rotate between her workouts and what not 😀

  11. So, I am not vegan or vegetarian and I put nutritional yeast on EVERYTHING. I love it so much and tell everyone to use it. so good.

  12. I am not vegan or vegetarian but I love nutritional yeast. It’s an easy (and yummy) way to boost you b vitamin intake.

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