PALAWAN to CEBU 🇵🇭 Struggle finding Vegetarian Food 🇵🇭 Philippines Travel Vlog Ep 9


Cebu, Philippines 🇵🇭Filipinos LOVE to eat meat… even the veggies are cooked with meat. For a vegetarian, it can be rather challenging to find local food options. But it’s always fun to search since you’re guaranteed to meet some nice people to help you.
Previous Vlog in Port Barton:

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  1. Gr8 vlogs! And dude…shes an 11!!! Binge'n on your aaaaa-mazing channel

  2. its really hard to find only veggie food in the Philippines, but if Eleana can eat seafoods, fishes are more abundant in the Philippines.

  3. In the Philippines, you're more openly accepted when you're gay or lesbian than saying you're VEGETARIAN … No kidding ! We love our meat and veggies goes with it …but we respect other people's preferences .✌️

  4. Chicken is vegetable guys so is beef. I mean they are fed with vegetables so they are vegetables lol

  5. I just find out this channel a couple of weeks ago, and I appreciate how they do Travelling, this partner are awesome. Just keep posting and Enjoy Philipoines. Take Care

  6. loving the vlog. keep doing what you're doing. Finding you really unique for a travel vlog. you're so positive and find the best balance between drone, montages, talking to the camera etc.

  7. Steve, if you don't make a video of you eating at Filipino McDonald's, I'm gonna start telling embarrassing stories about you.

  8. Steve and yllana, travel to siargao, there's a lot of wonderful places you find there. But since you are going to cebu, I highly recommend kawasan falls, check that out!

  9. how was your awesome tour. have fun to the oldest city in the philippines. have fun guys. always the coolest vlog steve.

  10. Why don't you try Pinakbet but most foreigner think its like a spoiled food. Try ginataan, (coconut milk) cooked with any veggies Like Ginataan Langka. or this one "Laing"

  11. hi Steve, May I recommend THE BUZZ (BOHOL BEE FARM) at Robinson's Galleria, they serve Organic foods or THE PERSIAN PALATE located at AYALA MALL.

  12. This is something I definitely struggle with when travelling to foreign countries and/or less touristy areas of the world. Can't believe McD's didn't even have fries!!! Glad to see you eventually found something to put in your tum-tums!

  13. We eat a whole-food plant-based diet. My wife can't eat tomato products, onions or anything spicy hot. I sure hope we can find food to eat when we go to the Philippines for 3 weeks in November. Perhaps we will do some research ahead of time so we know where farmers markets are and such.

  14. visit magellan's cross,fort san pedro, temple of leah,kawasan falls and much more..tcare in cebu steve and company..enjoy there

  15. Digging the vlogs man, great vibes. Inspires me to travel. Keep up the good work brotha.

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