Vegan and Vegetarian Meal inspiration | Breakfast Lunch & Dinner


» Hey friends! Today’s video is a compilation of some of my go to/favourite meals. I don’t have full recipes (because I don’t really use recipes. 😝) just use your gut and go with it. Use what you have. Make it work for you. 🙌.
If you have any questions leave me a comment and I’ll try to get back to you ✌️💗😊
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We primarily film on a Canon G7x
If there is drone footage it’s on a DJI Phantom 3
Steady Cam footage is on a DJI Osmo
Underwater/ Fish eye shots are on a GoPro hero 4
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  1. I have seriously revisted this video like 1865468896 times! Any time I need inspiration for healthy food basically. Thank you! Would love to see more food videos from you 😀

  2. just curious, where do you shop for groceries? yr dried items like protein powder, etc, do you buy online, and where? you have items I have not seen in my area. 92691

  3. I am not vegan nor vegetarian yet I've watched this maybe 5 times I just love watching your inspiration I could never eat it but you have great ideas

  4. Ahh i love this so much! This week I'm trying to transition to being vegetarian (hopefully vegan one day, I need to find a cheese substitute that isn't cashew i'm deathly allergic lol) I just can't stand the idea of eating a dead animal. I feel as though your not just eating the animal your ingesting their fear and all of their feelings before they died. I really want to stick with this. Great video!

  5. love your cooking videos, I still watch your old one when you made a meal and dessert for Valentine's Day!

  6. Nice,but i love animals,all kinds,fried,baked,roasted,cooked……. :=)

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