Story Time Going Vegan + 50lb Weight Loss Story + Health Benefits

Story Time – Here is My Going Vegan Experience and Weight Loss Story – vegan benefits!!

Take a DNA test: – This blew my mind, especially when I learned I was lactose intolerant AND get DNA DAMAGE from eating red meat!!

CBD (Great for anxiety and ADHD) –

Learn how I travel ALL year: – I share my best advice for how i’ve created more freedom in my life and figured out a way to travel full time for the last 8 YEARS. I share my best budgeting tactics, travel hacks, working remotely, real estate investing and more!

Get Vitamins CUSTOMIZED for your DNA – – Sorry for the caps I just LOVE THIS STUFF. I got mine after feeling un-easy and kind of depressed for a month and I couldn’t believe how fast I started feeling not just good, but amazing, happy and focused (new vid coming soon about this)!

This is the story of how I turned my deteriorating health around and became vegan in the process! : )

Follow me on Instagram: – I post a lot of vegan meals and snacks in my insta stories – on my page I post a lot of my travel photography and some of my feels and thoughts 😀

Check out my vegan video playlist for vegan travel videos where I share my favorite restaurants and some recipes! I also share what I eat in a day videos, and tips for overcoming mental issues like ADD/ADHD with diet!

How we save on travel: – We travel full time, for the past 8 years – learn how we did it and still do it with this easy guide!



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