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Being raw vegan on a budget is doable. Here are some tips to make it happen. Look at your budget. It might be worth while to evaluate your spending and see if you’d be able to rework your priorities when it comes to expenses. Make your staple foods cheap fruits, like bananas. Buy in bulk in order to get case discounts. This can work for fresh fruit, juices, coconut water, frozen fruit etc. Research your nearest produce wholesaler, some places even do free delivery! Shop locally and in season. Find reduced, “aesthetically challenged” fruit at grocery stores and markets as they’re often on discount. Don’t waste your coin on expensive low calorie fruit, smoothies from restaurants or on the pre-cut, prepackaged fruit and veg that you see in grocery store quick-grab fridges. On that note, be prepared for outings if you know you’re likely to get peckish. Bring food with or simply know where you can find cheap food while out. Shop Around to find what a good deal is. My advice is to get a digital note started on your phone with a list of your staple foods. As you shop around your area make a note of how much each store is charging for those items. I also recommend exploring Asian markets if you are able they typically have good prices and exotic produce that is hard to find elsewhere. Ask other vegans in your area (in person or online) where they get their best/cheapest stuff. The raw vegan community is amazing and I’ve had such a great time at all the gatherings I’ve been to. Don’t think that you HAVE to blow the bank and go on an expensive retreat to maintain this lifestyle. Budget friendly options include free potlucks and local gatherings. Also, look into your volunteer options for retreats and festivals. Think about factor your diet into your travel plans. It’s going to be tremendously cheaper to be a fruitarian in Thailand than it would be in Japan for example. As another option, maybe combining WWOOFing into your travel experience makes sense. Forage, use fruit maps or access/post u-pick ads on craigslist. Consider working or volunteering, even a couple times a month at your local farm, farmers market, grocery store or co-op. Employees will often reap the benefits of partial discounts or extra free food. Plus the networking opportunities are countless. Be selective with your purchasing. Maybe you can’t buy 100% organic right now, that’s okay. If you’re sensitive, get educated on what produce is the most susceptible to chemicals. Consider your secondary options, they may be slightly less than an ideal of fresh fruits and veggies, but they’ll still be really healthy and can be more affordable (dried fruit, frozen fruit/veg, pure fruit juice etc). Restaurant meals will likely not fill up the stomach of a raw vegan so minimize eating out. Grow your own, simple things like herbs or scallions are expensive in store and practically effortless to grow at home. Shop online to find the best deals for particular items like your favorite superfoods, flavorings, supplements, powders, or even kitchen equipment. Use supplements or powders. If you are lacking in particular minerals for example, it might require eating a daily box of mixed greens to get your dosage (boxes that can cost $6-9!) As an alternative, consider scooping a spoon of raw green powder in your smoothie. You’ll hit your nutrient needs without breaking the bank. Lastly, learn how to prepare enjoyable, healthy raw vegan meals at home. Not only will this help with saving restaurant money but will help you develop your relationship with your body and food. You’ll find personal ways to become more efficient and cost effective with your meal prep.

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