75 Foods You Wouldn’t Expect To Be Vegan… But Are

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hello, um a few months ago, maybe not even couple months ago, probably I uploaded a video which was my 75 most favorite vegan alternatives, and today I’m gonna be doing like a second part that video, even though it’s a little bit different today, I’m, going to be doing 75 foods that you wouldn’t expect to be vegan but actually are by accidentally vegan.

I mean products made from companies that aren’t like a vegan based company. Why not even like a health food based company, just food that is made and didn’t have an animal products like it’s, not labeled.

As weak and it’s not made to be vegan, it just happens to be vegan. Also, I’m gonna say vegan 400 times in this video. So I apologize. You guys seem to really love my first video in this series. I guess so I said, make a part 2 to another one and last time this video took me so long to edit, like so so so long, because I don’t.

Have this super expensive, editing software’s that everyone has. I use iMovie, which is free and it’s very hard to have like green screen. Masks show up for every item, so I’m gonna do that again this time.

So if you would give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment down below, I would appreciate it so much because this video, my past one, are gonna, be like the most work we into a video. So as on say um.

You enjoyed this video and I hope that it helps you out because a lot of people’s mouths, so you’ll help them out. So I’m just going to started. The first fear that you wouldn’t expect to be vegan, but actually is it’s, probably the most common food that everyone names when they’re talking about accidentally vegan foods, and that is Oreos.

I’m, not gonna go ahead and say that every single Oreo is vegan. Just because I don’t want to be incorrect, but I will say that I’ve, never came across an Oreo that isn’t vegan, so make sure to check, but pretty much all Oreos mean and unpopular opinion.

I think that golden Oreos are better than Anna. Let me know: do you agree with me because I know I’m in the minority, but I think then actually a lot of cake mixes are v and obviously you will not add the eggs in the instructions.

You can either use a vegan egg replacement or you can do a. I think it’s. 12 ounces of any soda with a cake mix and the brand of Duncan Hines has a lot of already vegan cake mix and then tool along with that is frosting again.

99 % of store-bought like canned basic frosting, is vegan, and then, if you want brownies, the brand Duncan Hines has a completely vegan brownie mix um. This is another thing that was a topical in my videos.

I got movie theater popcorn and everyone seemed to try to call me out for being um non vegan and for everyone that that wants to comment. That and say I’m, not vegan, because it please do your research before, because actually most movie theater popcorn is in fact vegan with no dairy.

The butter they put on top is not real butter. It’s, oil. That’s, flavored like butter. It’s, not butter. So to everyone watching this. I want that commented like paragraphs on my video check, my hammer on vegan, you’re wrong.

Maybe not all movie theatres vegan, but mine was. I did my research and make sure did you reach it and what movie theater chain you’re going to, but for the most part it’s, just flavored oil and then fruit? Snacks.

If you wanted fruit snacks, there is Mott’s brand fruit; snacks that are completely vegan. These were my favorite fruit snacks before even going vegan and they’ll have any gelatin that’s, really cool and then two candies.

That are completely gelatin. Free are swedish fish, which is probably my favorite candy ever and then sour patch kids, because they’re, pretty much the same base. Just the sour patch kids have the coating on the outside, and then you know, like the bacon bits um, if you like, put on salads like a come in like a shaker bottle or a little bag, fun fact you’re, not actually bacon.

It’s soy, so if you think you get behind bacon bits, it’s, not actually bacon. So that’s kind of weird, but you can get the McCormick brand, the bacon pieces and those are begin and then also Betty, Crocker baked go bits like bacon bits, but not actually bacon and then also the brain.

Mccormick has a French onion dip powder, which I think you’re supposed to mix with sour cream or the cream cheese. I’m, not sure, but you can just buy vegan, sour cream and or cream cheese and then mix it with the French onion dip.

And then the brand of Velveeta has breakfast biscuits which are like cookies. It tastes like cookies, but um pretty much. All of them are vegan, I believe, all the more. If not, I’m. Just gonna put up a the vegan ones right here, because there are so many, not gonna, say them all right now, but those are all vegan and they’re, really good um.

Next, this one – I just I know – and I’m – so happy about this – the gear deli brands double like hot chocolate powder is vegan, has no dairy in it. That is so cool and then also the Ghirardelli double chocolate.

Brownie mix it’s, also vegan. Of course, you know you don’t want is if Clif bars are Meghan, yes, Clif bars are vegan, even if it’s like a carrot, cake flavor, and I had that frosting the cream cheese frosting.

On top it’s, not dairy, it’s. Vegan Cracker Jacks are also vegan, and I love Cracker Jacks. So that is super exciting um. The candy dots is also vegan, which is surprising to me. I would expect them to have gelatin fruit by the foot I’m.

Fruit. Roll-Ups are also vegan. Okay, this one is so surprising to me. I’ve known about this for a very long time, but the Keebler brand original Club crackers are vegan. They taste buttery. They’re like buttery crackers, but they don’t have butter.

I don’t know. The brand Nabisco has speaking that gingersnap cookies. They also have Oreo thins that are vegan also along with their original graham crackers um. It might be a little obvious, but rich crackers are vegan.

I love rich crackers. They’re available anywhere and then the brand Hershey’s. Lot of vegan syrups. They’re strawberry. One is vegan: they’re light, one is vegan, they’re plus calcium, one is vegan, so is there sugar-free one and they’re special dark, and then this one’s like the one thing that maybe Doesn’t belong on this list because it kind of already is like known to be a vegan vegetarian brand, but I really wanted to include it because you know the bread morning star.

They’re all vegetarians. They have some vegan options. Well, this recently changed their corn dog formula to make it 100 % vegan. It was only vegetarian, but now it’s vegan and I have not been able to try it yet.

I ‘ Ve heard really really good things about this and then the brand PM butter & amp Co has some white chocolate. Flavored peanut butter, which I wouldn’t, expect me vegan because it’s, white chocolate which is like never vegan, but the peanut butter, a favorite of mine.

When I was really young, it was Smuckers and cross the bowls um. They’re vegan, just bread came butter, jelly and then, if you want doritos, obviously at the original, whatever type of Doritos and the Cool Ranch.

Doritos are not vegan, but they’re blaze ones and they’re, sweet and spicy. Chili ones are vegan, so those two flavors of victory toes you can get oh and then, if you want some more chips, takis are vegan.

I just found out about this that the jello brand, vanilla, pudding and pie mix doesn’t have like animal products. I assumed that it was, and I just found out that it didn’t and I haven’t made. It with almond milk yet, but I really need you.

I don’t know if it will set the same with Dairy Milk, but I’m going to try it because, like this is something I don’t know. I’m, so excited about this foam answer gram right here. I will post about it or on at my Instagram story and let you know if it works with almond milk, because I used to make like pudding mix with jello brand all the time, and I just found out that the vegan two more candies that are vegan, That are like pretty similar are Twizzlers and red vines and then the brand Pillsbury they have like crescent rolls, which are like croissants, I believe, and they’re vegan, no butter that’s, so cool and then another type of like pre-made Dough that you bake in the oven or cinnamon roll brand Inez has vegan cinnamon rolls along with Trader Joe’s thing, and then, if you want soft pretzels, you can buy the brand super pretzels.

They have soft pretzels that you can buy at the store or if you happen to be at like a ballpark or concert or whatever sometimes Stadium, and they have the brand super pretzel. They’re vegan, so you can get soft pretzels and a lot of other pretzel stands that have pretzels already vegan, so just ask them and most of the time they’re vegan, fun umm.

I know that I just thought it was super weird, but the brand kettle chips like they make kettle potato chips. They’re, maple, bacon, flavor actually is vegan. And then, if you want chocolate bars a lot of dark chocolate is vegan.

I just thought I would include a specific brand because this brand is very available at so many different grocery stores that’s, the brain, the lint there are 70 %, 85 % in 90 % whoops. I just get that 7.

I don’t know if I already said this yeah or if I cut it off, but there’s, 70 % 85 %, 90 % chocolate bars are dairy-free. Then the brand Luigi’s Italian ice. They’re Italian ice, it’s vegan and I definitely recommend it.

It’s really good and then, if you want pies, a lot of pies are vegan like just generic fruit. Pies. A lot of the crust does not have any um eggs or dairy, but the brand Marie Callender’s. They’re frozen fruit, pies are all vegan and then Costco.

They’re giant pies. They’re super big, I know 100 %, sure of their apple pie drove Eagan and they’re gonna use the same crust for all the other ones. So I bet all their fruit. Pies are completely vegan.

We had apple pie from Costco, did they go on last Thanksgiving? It was amazing and then there’s, a few different girls cookies that are vegan, and I thought I would include them because that’s, really helpful with you.

I’m one to support a Girl Scout, but you don’t. Think you’d, buy anything you actually can’t Thin. Mints are completely vegan. So our thanks a lot cookies lemonade’s and peanut butter, patties and then the peanut butter like sandwich cookies and Nutter butters are vegan and then you can get chocolate, cinnamon and chocolate chip Teddy Grahams as well, because those are freaking um.

I’m frosted pop-tarts are vegan okay, this next one. I have never been able to try, because I’ve, never eaten at this restaurant, my life, but I really want to try them through all of Garden breadsticks.

They don’t, have any butter on them and you cheat or anything and everyone talks about them and says they’re, so good and I feel really left out that I haven ‘ T tried them. So I need to go there one day and try the breadsticks, but yeah just wanted to include them.

Um another non gelatin, gummy, ish candy is Trader Joe’s. Scandinavian swim, then the brand Keebler has a few different vegan cookies. Their fudge sticks are completely vegan, along with their Vienna finger cookie, one more gummy candy that does not happen.

Gelatin is jujyfruits, then the brand Campbell’s. They make mushroom gravy that actually is vegan. I’d, expect them to put some like weird stuff in it to make it not vegan. And then, if you like, miss Gulf cookies, you’re in luck because those are vegan and then also another pepper, cookie.

That’s, just like pissed off cookies is the Trader Joe’s, speculoos spikey Lowe’s cookies. They’re vegan, also, and so is Trader Joe’s, cookie butter, which is basically those cookies. Like ground up a few more vegan options from Trader Joe’s, are there cinnamon school book cookies? These are so good to me.

I don’t know why I love these cookies. So much I haven’t had them in so long, so I need to go and get some. I guess I want them and then also Trader Joe’s. Soft baked snickerdoodles. If you have not tried these, you need to, they are amazing Trader Joe’s, marshmallows again, vegan, not gelatin.

They’re. Great Taco Bell has like the cinnamon it twists like as a dessert or a side. I don’t really know they’re vegan, one more brand that has vegan pies is Krispy Kreme and their fruit. Pies are vegan Smuckers marshmallow ice cream, topping surprisingly doesn’t have animal products.

I was so surprised to hear that, but if you want to put that on your ice cream and also kettle, corn is mostly vegan. If you like, go to a stand and they make kettle corn ask them 99 % of time it’s. Gon na be completely vegan and then the last item on this list is flan and the brand Goya has a vegan one, so that was all of my accidentally vegan foods.

I hope that you enjoyed this video and I hope that I helped you out make sure to. Let me know if you end up going to the store items. Do you like them? I think it’s super cool that they’re. Just accidentally making also, if you want me to do like another 75 blank, let me know what it is.

I cannot think of another one, but I bet there’s, something I can do so. Let me know, and thank you so much for watching. I’ll, see you all in my next video

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