Going Vegetarian: 3 Common Mistakes New Vegetarians Make + 3 Tips for Success!

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Hey everyone came here in today’s, video, I’m gonna share with you guys, common mistakes that new vegetarians make. I made these mistakes when I was in your vegetarian and hopefully this video is gonna give you guys some awareness as you go along your own journey before I get started, make sure you comment below and let me know, are you a new vegetarian? Have you been a vegetarian for a long time, or are you just thinking of becoming a vegetarian? Alright, let’s, get started common mistake number one under eating when you change your diet from eating lots of meat to suddenly not eating any meat and then replacing it with lots of fruits and vegetables.

It’s, not uncommon for you to actually end up under eating without you, even realizing it most fruits and vegetables have lower calories. So, even if you feel like you’re full, you’re eating enough or you might even feel like you’re eating more there’s.

Gon na be a chance that you’re. Actually not eating enough. In the first few weeks that I cut out meat and started eating more vegetables, I actually started to feel really lethargic. I was low in energy when I stuck back and looked at how much I was actually eating it turns out.

I wasn’t eating enough, so I changed this right away and sure enough. I felt more energy. I felt good so listen to what your body is telling you pay attention to the changes that you’re feeling pay attention to your energy levels.

Maybe even your mood, if you’re just starting out and you want to be sure you can always download calorie counting apps, like My Fitness Pal, to help you along the way common mistake, number two eating more junk food.

Now a lot of people think that, oh, you’re becoming a vegetarian. You’re becoming a vegan that’s, so healthy becoming a vegetarian or becoming a vegan does not necessarily equal healthiness. If you think about it, potato chips are vegetarian, chocolate is vegetarian, french fries are vegetarian, candies are vegetarian.

There’s, so much junk food out there. That is vegetarian. For those of you who’ve been watching me for some time. You know I love potatoes, potato chips, baked potato french fries, scalloped potatoes.

I also love bubble teas, so I’m, not telling you to stop eating junk food altogether. Just find the balance. What happened with me when I first started out was I had a lot of trouble kind of making adjustments when I was going out, so I’d, go to a rest with friends and of course I don’t want to inconvenience Anybody by saying that, oh I’m, a vegetarian, let’s, go to a vegetarian friendly place.

So what happened? A lot of the times was, I would end up just eating like french fries or eating ice cream, or something like that. You don’t have to cut junk food out, but just be aware of how much you’re eating balance.

Is the key common mistake number three eating more alternative meats instead of whole foods. In my early days as a vegetarian, I bought every alternative meat. You could think of this whole section is meatless meatless meatless, meatless, veggie, hotdogs, veggie, burgers, veggie, meatballs, veggie versions of everything.

These can actually be done in a healthy way like if you make it at home. You can make burgers with black beans, but what tends to happen is that we go to the store you buy them from the frozen food section, and these are still.

What is the word that I’m? Thinking of these are still processed, these are still processed so having them in excess is really not that good for you. What I will say is that alternative meats do help.

You transition a lot easier because you still get to eat your favorite foods without it actually being meat again. These are not bad. Just be aware of how much you’re eating and make sure that you’re, not just eating alternative meats incorporate a lot of whole foods into your diet.

I personally love veggie burgers. If you haven’t watched yet I did a fast food veggie, burger video, I’ll. Put the link in the description below just make sure you’re, not eating this every day before I let you guys go.

I’m gonna give you guys three tips for success as well. Number one is to focus on the flavor. What I found was that it wasn’t the actual meat that I was craving. It was the flavors of the meat dishes that I enjoyed for some reason.

People think that vegetarians and vegans just eat salad. All day long, we just eat leaves no. That is not the case. We do enjoy a lot of very common dishes as well. We either just don’t eat the meat or we swap it out with something vegetarian friendly, for example, a very popular Filipino dish that I love is called adobo and usually this is made with chicken or pork, so, instead of never eating adobo.

In my life ever again, I just replace it with tofu or the mushrooms, and I still get to enjoy that flavor. So you can do the same thing focus on the flavors and you will probably never miss meat again.

My next tip is to go at your own pace. When you make the transition to becoming a vegetarian, your family and friends around you could react in different ways. Number one. Everyone could be super happy for you, which is great or number two.

They could maybe laugh at you or think that this is a really stupid idea or the other extreme, where they think that you should go beyond what you’re even comfortable with doing at the moment. For example, you become a vegetarian and you feel great, you’re.

Doing really well, and someone says well, you’re still eating cheese or you’re still eating dairy, so don ‘ T worry about what people around you are saying, challenge yourself, but go at your own pace, because you know yourself the best.

You know what your own convictions are and, lastly, make sure you’re, supplementing your diet with a good quality multivitamin and things like oh make a threes as well. The reality is, even though you’re eating lots of fruits, lots of vegetables, the quality of our food.

Today, isn’t exactly the best. You know we have GMOs, there’s, pesticides and it’s hard for us to get all the nutrients that our body needs to perform optimally by just eating vegetables and fruits. That’s it for today’s.

Video, if you guys enjoyed this video and you learn something new, give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t yet for more videos, just like this, and I will see you guys next time, bye,

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