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hey, I’m a and I have been vegan now for a total of one whole week. I’m super new, but I’m, absolutely loving it. So today I’m gonna show. You guys what I eat a day as a brand new vegan, hey everyone.

My name is Brandon Brown and I’ve been vegan for three years now. What I’m gonna do is walk you guys through what I eat. In a day as a vegan, hey everybody, I’m Rachel. I’ve, been vegan for six years, and I’m gonna show you everything I eat in a day.

So breakfast I’m, making cinnamon quinoa porridge for apples and strawberries, since I’m gonna add so much food to this onliest 1/4, a cup of quinoa, and I cook that with 1/2 cup of water. So I’m just bringing that to a boil and then letting it simmer for about 10 minutes.

While this is cooking, I cut up one apple and like 5 or 6 strawberries, and then, after about five minutes, I’m, adding in a bunch of cinnamon and half my big effort and like sleeping habit, fit to put on top after it’s cooked because it adds a little bit of freshness it’s, really tasty.

You may need a little bit more water to the mix at this point and then just let those hang out in there for like five minutes or until the quinoa is cooked. I chose to make this because I saw something similar my in scream Explorer page recently.

I’ve started following a bunch of vegan pages, because I find it super helpful to get inspiration from more experienced people. This is just cinnamon apple quinoa, but I actually have strawberries in my fridge that we’re about to go bad and I thought they’d, be good in there and honestly they really work.

I’ve, been doing a lot of inspiration from recipes online and then just switching them up to fit with the ingredients that I have on hand and it’s been a really great way to trying to stuff. For breakfast.

I’m, making a healthy berry smoothie. So the first thing I like to put on my smoothies are some strawberries that I froze overnight, including some frozen raspberries. Next, I’ll, add a little bit of apples and then a desired amount of chia seeds.

After I put the chia seeds in, I’ll put a little bit of spring water in and then I blend it all up. So one thing I noticed by starting my day off with something really light. Instead of something heavy, I’ll have a more productive day.

I think breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and so here’s, the finished product. I like to top it off with the orange peel antara, Bon Appetit. So for breakfast I’m, going to make some healthy nut and seed granola bars.

So I started off by adding some natural peanut butter to a bowl and some maple syrup, and then I added two tablespoons of a neutral oil. I would have normally used coconut oil, but I actually just ran out so I ended up using some grapeseed oil and that actually worked fine.

But then I just mixed it all up and I pop the whole bowl in the microwave for about 30 seconds, then to a big bowl. I added some puffed brown rice and some oats pumpkin seeds and some chia seeds and hemp seeds, which are a great vegan source of omega-3s and a little bit of salt, and then I mix that all up and I pour it on the melted, peanut butter.

Maple syrup and oil mixture and then combine that all again, I really like making these bars, because there’s so much healthier than buying a store-bought granola bar. You can control how much sugar you add and how much fat you add and they’re, also, a great zero waste alternative to enjoying granola bars, and I pretty much always have fruit first thing in the morning as well.

So this was my breakfast today and these bars are delicious for lunch, I mean so if we scramble an avocado toast to start off. We’re, just adding some veggie broth to a pan and then I’m, adding about a third of a block of extra firm tofu.

You can use oil too, but the recipe I was using said that veggie stock add some extra flavor and as someone who’s kind of skeptical about tofu, actually tastes as good as eggs. I thought I’d. Try it out after it’s, been getting for a bit.

I’m, adding 1/4 TSP of turmeric salt, pepper and garlic powder and then 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast and it cooks for about 8 minutes. You friends, hopefully, was sticking to the pan. Add some more broth or a little bit of oil, and you should be good.

Eggs were literally the one thing that kept me from switching from vegetarians and vegans, so this is gonna be a major test for me. I’m just adding some spinach because you know health and then I said I decide to make my avocados avocado.

Toast has been a huge table, my diet for a while now. So this is definitely my safety food of the day as a new vegan, I’m, trying a lot of new foods and it’s really really fun, but I also find it kind of comforting to have familiar foods in the mix.

As well, because sometimes you just need basics, so I just slice a tomato and then cut up a whole avocado put that in a bowl with some salt, pepper, red, pepper, flakes and garlic powder and mix that all up.

I like leaving mine a little bit chunky, but that’s, all preference so do whatever you want, then I chose uh some bread and Pablo’s, babies up with an avocado mix. Then I added sliced tomatoes sriracha and everything bagel seasoning, which is literally the most amazing seasoning ever please go buy it right now and then that’s it.

I know I would love the Cho so that wasn’t a surprise, but I was really surprised at how well the tofu turned out. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on eggs at all, so this was a really big success.

For me for lunch, I’m making vegan ramen. So the first thing I do is cut up some bell: peppers, some mushrooms, some kale and some onions, and then I stir fry that then I’ll. Have my ramen boil in another pot, some of the first spices I’ll.

Add our cumin a little bit of ground pepper, a little bit of red pepper, a little bit of salt and then I’ll, add a little bit of seasoning to the ramen and stir-fry that up eating vegetables on a vegan diet is super important Because you need to make sure you get all your vitamins and minerals, and so I try to incorporate some vegetables into my daily diet, at least once a day after that I’ll mix them all together and there you go voila vegan ramen for Lunch I made my version of a Caesar salad with some crispy chickpeas.

So first I started off with some kale that I tore into bite sized pieces and then I add a little bit of oil and salt and I just like to massage the kale really well. First with my hands – and this helps break it down, so it’s, not so tough and hard to chew, and it helps you digest it a little bit more easily.

I think a lot of people skip this step, but I really recommend you try it because it makes the kale way less tough and just a lot more enjoyable to eat, then to a baking sheet. I added some chickpeas and a little bit of chili powder, garlic powder, salt and olive oil, but you can use whatever seasonings you like.

As a rule of thumb. I always try to have one source of protein in each meal and I’m. Not always perfect about that, but when you’re vegan, I think it’s, important to help you feel satiated and whole so for the dressing I kind of just eyeballed the amounts.

So I added in some technique and then I squeezed in one whole lemon and add it in some Dijon mustard, which gives it a really great flavor. And then I stirred it up and you might need some water to help thin it out.

And you can just add that in until you reach your desired consistency and then I almost forgot, but of course you need to add garlic powder, which is just going to enhance the flavor that much more. I try to eat greens every single day so whether that’s, kale or adding arugula to my wraps greens are a really important source of iron and calcium and lots of other vitamins and minerals that you need.

When you’re vegan and then the salad wouldn’t be complete without some nutritional yeast, which is high in b12, and adds a great cheesy flavor and some hemp seeds. This salad was absolutely delicious and the kale actually holds up really well in the refrigerator, so it’s.

Also great for leftovers for dinner, I’m, making a kelp noodle stir-fry with peanut sauce. This is definitely the most experimental thing that I’m making today, mostly because of the noodles I’ve tried to make up numbers before and they honestly turned out pretty weird, but I’m determined to nail at this Time because they’re super healthy, low-calorie, pastas substitute and honestly, it’d, be really awesome to master them.

The key to cup noodles is to prep them right, so by rinsing and soaking them in water with lemon and a bunch of salt. They’ll soften up and lose this weird kind of crunchy texture, and if they have straight out of the package, the lemon insel is the most important thing.

Last time I made these, I skip that and I think that’s, how they turned out weird you’re gonna learn with them soak for at least half an hour while they’re soaking. I’m making this amazing and super easy peanut sauce.

I’m, adding 1/4 a cup of soy, sauce, unsweetened, almond milk and peanut butter into a bowl and mixing those up. Then I’m, just gonna add it in some lime juice about a tablespoon of agave and chopped it to taste and that’s.

It. The blade use some broccoli first, because it cooks slower than the other veggies. That I’m using, so it needs to get a little head start after that ready start cooking. We’re, starting off with about a tablespoon of oil and then adding in five cloves of garlic like and I cook a little and then adding half an onion.

You’re gonna want to let those cook for a few minutes before adding any of your other veggies, because nobody wants raw garlic and onions in their noodles after those have had a chance to start cooking.

I’m, adding eight ounces of sliced mushrooms and I cook those for about three minutes before adding in one slice up bell, pepper and I let those cook for about five minutes. If you notice anything sticking there, the pin go ahead and add some oil, veggie broth or water to deglaze it.

This type of recipe is something that I would have never tried before coming vegan. I was honestly pretty lazy with cooking before this, but was different. Food substitutes and new ways of cooking, I made it really exciting and start making new stuff.

I was a deterrent for a little over a year, but I transitioned into veganism pretty slowly. I stopped eating dairy about six months ago, mostly for health reasons. I notice that when I stopped eating dairy, my skin started to clear up like almost immediately, and I just feel generally better all around, but the reason I really wanted to go for vegan was for the environmental benefit.

I guess eventually. I just realized that there’s, so many other options for protein and so many options, even just for egg substitutes and stuff like that that it wasn’t really worth the environmental impact that I know comes from.

The dairy and eggs industry – this was definitely the most complex thing that I made all day, but it was so worth it like seriously. Time-To-Time would recommend. Please go make this immediately for dinner.

I’m making one of my favorite meals of all time. Bbq, oyster mushrooms: this is one of my favorite dishes, because it reminds me of actual barbecue, so I’m gonna start off by grabbing some large amounts of oyster, mushrooms and clean them off really well, they carry a lot of water, so you Want to make sure you squeeze them out next, I’m gonna create the sauce using barbecue, sauce agave and a little bit of brown cinnamon after I fried the oyster mushrooms on the stove.

I’m gonna dip them into the sauce before I place them in the oven for 10 minutes. I love this dish so much because it reminds me of when I used to eat actual barbecue meat and ribs and stuff like that, and it just gives me like the closest taste to that nostalgic feeling.

I used to get from my old diet before I became vegan. This is also an extremely healthier alternative meet on the stove and cooking some canola, and I’d like to add a little bit of my favorite sauce, a Carolina gold, barbecue sauce.

It really brings the canola to life. It really makes it taste really delicious. I’ll, pour some in there and then I’ll, stir it all up. After ten minutes I’ll. Take my Ostrom mushrooms out the oven. Put my dish together add a little bit of broccoli, a little avocado and then voila barbecue moister mushrooms.

Just look at that meaty, delicious texture and flavor. This is the best vegan dish. Ever I’m telling you you guys got to try this for dinner. I’m, going to make some tempeh and walnut tacos tempeh is one of those foods that I wish more people knew about.

It’s fermented, so it’s really great for your gut health and it’s, packed with protein plus. If you don’t like tofu tempeh has a bit of a firmer and nuttier texture. So you should definitely give it a try.

I also add in some walnuts because they’re, another great source of omega-3s and when ground-up they offer a great meaty texture. And then I add in my seasonings. So I have some garlic powder and some taco seasoning.

If you don’t have taco seasoning, you can just use some cumin and some chili powder and that works great. Then I added in some low-sodium soy sauce, which is gonna, give it a great Emami kind of meaty flavor, and I just continue to stir it up until it got really brown and crispy, and that’s.

It we have our taco meat. I think a lot of people are intimidated by the idea of going vegan because some of these ingredients might seem foreign to them. When I first got into veganism, I had no idea what temp I was, but now it’s.

One of my favorite things to make and you can find it even at Trader Joe’s, so this might seem weird, but I love adding sauerkraut to tacos and pretty much everything it’s really high in probiotics and adds a great Pop of flavor, these tacos are so flavorful and delicious and whether you’re vegan or not, I definitely recommend giving this recipe a try.

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