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If you eat plant-based, do the raw vegan thing, or are simply interested in including more fruits and veggies in your diet I’ve got five tips that will save you time, money and stress. Firstly, be sure to take advantage of discounts. If you are eating a good amount of a particular fruit or vegetable, consider buying it in bulk. Most grocery stores and farmers markets do offer a “case discount” of 10-15%. Secondly, don’t be shy about asking for discounts on any “ugly” produce you find on the shelf. If it has a bruise, has started to rot or has been otherwise compromised, it may qualify. Most of the time these items unfortunately get thrown away – you can save it from becoming food waste and be saving yourself some money! Many people I talk with don’t know that it’s possible to return produce. If you change your mind or if you open it and find it to be compromised, you can take it back to the vendor and request a return or exchange. As for sales, take best advantage by inquiring with the staff about the end date for current sales as well as any upcoming ones. You can also look closely at the label of the produce item to find the sale dates. And on the topic of labels, don’t be fooled by clever marketing! The sales that claim “five for $10” for example, want you to think that you need to buy the five items to get the deal. However, I’ve noticed that this isn’t the case. Every time I’ve gone to check out with only one item, I find that my total rings up to only $2, to continue with the aforementioned example. Lastly, Don’t be shy about asking for samples. If you are looking to buy a lot of fruit you will want to make sure it’s tasty right? It can be a big investment of money and fridge space to buy a whole case of nectarines for instance. Farmers markets and grocery stores should be pretty good about letting you taste. It’s in their best interest as well to have happy returning customers that are looking to buy in bulk 🙂

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