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Meal Preparation
On this episode of The Wicked Kitchen, Chef Derek Sarno will show you the clever tofu-frying technique he uses to create a mouth-watering vegan Chinese BBQ style meal with seasoned green beans and rice. Perfect for meal-preppers and hungry families alike…enjoy!

Full recipe below!

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Chinese Take Away – High Protein Meal Prep
Asian BBQ Tofu, rice and green beans

1 – 2 Extra Firm blocks, plain or smoked
Wicked Kitchen Asian BBQ Sauce
Veg oil
1 Cup Rice flour/starch
1 cup Corn flour/starch
3 Tbs Wicked Sesame Togarashi
1 tsp garlic granules
1tbs black pepper
1 tsp salt (optional)
Black and white sesame seed for garnish. (optional)

•Tear tofu apart into bite size pieces
•In medium size bowl add and mix together all dry ingredients to create the coating.
•Dredge each piece of tofu to cover evenly and set aside.
•On medium high heat, heat cast iron (shallow pan) until hot. Add even oil to cover the bottom and a little extra.
•Shallow pan fry the tofu pieces 4 – 6 at a time making sure to rotate and turn to cook all sides.
•Repeat this process until all pieces are cooked. Place cooked tofu pieces on paper towel lined plate to drip-dry any excess oil.
•Pre-Heat oven 200c/400f
•In large bowl add Asian BBQ Sauce, then add tofu and toss to coat pieces evenly.
•Assemble onto a baking paper (parchment) lined baking sheet evenly and Heat for 10-15 minutes in oven
to finish.
•Best served with veg and rice of your choice.

Feel free to use different spices for different flavors, they are all interchangeable.
Mix and match veggies to accompany this dish.

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