Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Vegetarian Lunch


As a chef, I’m, never sniffy about cooking with vegetables, because I know that with a bit of care and attention, they can be turned into something. Absolutely stunning for my ultimate vegetarian lunch.

Ve got a couple of fantastic recipes lightly, fried my delicious halloumi and courgette cakes squeeze every last bit of flavor out of those vegetables, but first I’m preparing a simple, slow, roast tomato and watercress salad.

These chose mutters are perfect. If you haven t got cherry tomatoes, vitam are as good or even just big normal, plum. Tomatoes lay the tomatoes on the tray, and these go into the oven for about 90 minutes.

If you turn the oven down really low, you can leave them in overnight. So be honest longer, you leave them the better. They taste once you’ve season with salt. I sprinkle over with some sugar and the salt and sugar combined speeds up the drying process, because you want that nice chewy texture and then you get these little thyme flowers and just pick off the buds.

Garlic slice then just spread that on now the tray looks quite full and compact, but 90 minutes in the oven. You’ll, see everything spring down all the skins blistering and the flavor intensifies so nicely extra virgin olive oil.

That gives a nice earthy flavor to the tomatoes, place your tomatoes into an oven preheated to 150 degrees, C and cook long and slow for an hour and a half now halloumi cakes there’s, something quite exciting about halloumi cheese.

It’s, a very firm cheese and it fries brilliantly kill the carrots grapes not too finely you want that nice texture next courgette. The secret is keeping all your grated the same for that into a sieve.

A sprinkling of salt will draw out liquid from the vegetables, then grate, the halloumi, halloumi cheese, doesn’t. Look that tasty, but once you  ve got color on it in the pan. It’s really really delicious.

Now really important to squeeze out the excess water in the veg. You’ll, see all that water that needs to come out of there. If we didn’t, do this, you’ll, make your little patties non fireball, because the whole thing starts to separate and then mix in with the cheese spring onions chop up the whites under greens.

Now we’re going to season that, with some delicious fresh mint and fresh coriander, whenever it’s vegetarian, I like to put a combination of herbs in there tarragon and parsley mint to coriander basil and lemon grass all delicious on their Own, but in tandem, their flavors play off each other next, two eggs in give that a little mix add the eggs to the mixture and then finally, a couple of tablespoons of bed crumbs, the Beckhams help dry out any excess moisture mix.

All the ingredients together before you start shaping these taste, the mixture. Hmm, it’s, really important to identify the seasoning. Now, if you wait until you’ve cooked them, they’ll, be too late to adjust the seasoning all them.

Two large gulfport shaken it’s like a little mini burger. You could spice these up with some chili in there Kevin got fresh chili chili flakes and it’s, something that can be done up a dane advance to get your cakes firm and ready for frying put them into the fridge uncovered.

For 25 minutes panel get that nice and hot boss and wait for that. I’ll, get the dressing ready, slicer, red chilli seeds and all on an angle into shards, then chopped fresh ginger seasoned with a sprinkle of sugar and salt.

Add some rice wine vinegar, add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. To finish off some chopped, coriander got a sweet, sour spicy flavor, with my chilli dressing done. I can start frying off my halloumi cakes in a hot oiled.

Pan we get a nice crisp edge. You already start to smell that sauteed halloumi with the courgettes and carrots smells delicious, really important for a nice amount of color on them. As my cakes sizzle away, I can finish off my roast tomato salad.

One of my favorite knees has to be watercress just cut off: stalks  Sherlock rings, watercress Sherlock, yeah brilliantly well together. Oh Sh lot! Look so dainty when you open up these little ringlets don’t forget to turn your cakes now tomatoes.

Whatever you don’t use just Jardin, I put them in the fridge. You just drop those slow-cooked warm tomatoes over the watercress. The sweetness is incredible. Absolutely delicious. Little drizzle for the Aged, I’ll.

Smooth vinegar gives that tartness to the watercress watercress is naturally peppery. So there’s, need any pepper, just little touch of salt and then a light sprinkling of extra-virgin olive oil. After five minutes on a medium heat, my halloumi cakes are ready so important.

I’ve, taken out that water [ Music ], you can see it doesn’t disintegrate and then just get your dressing, take a spoon of it and then tilt it to the side. Because, with the garnish I don’t want the juice, but that does not turn you on to become a vegetarian for the knives.

I honestly don’t know what will delicious my crispy golden halloumi courgette and herb cakes with a sumptuous roast tomato, more cress, salad, all of the flavor, with none of the meat

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